Almar Consulting is registered in the Authorised Companies Registry (Registro de Empresas Autorizadas) with the number 12/28/0098520, for the maintenance of construction equipment that allows us to work as building contractors. Amongst the work we do the following stand out:


  • Emergency constructions, façade work, protection of buildings, attention to municipal requirements, etc.

  • Plot clearing and fencing. Finishing of developments.

  • We offer a reception and preparation service to owners of housing for rent or to financial entities or institutions that receive foreclosed properties, thus improving the condition of the property in preparation for its use.

  • Reception of dwellings.

  • If appropriate, removal of equipment and furnishings.

  • Revision of documentation.

  • Evaluation of necessary measures.

  • Presentation of budget for work required.

  • Construction.

  • Issue of reports or certificates necessary for rent or sale. If appropriate, we obtain Certificates of Occupancy.

  • Delivery of the dwelling to the client in suitable condition for sale or rent.

  •  Execution of turnkey contracts for offices and shops.


Av. de Burgos, 12, 12º

28036, Madrid, España



+34 91 737 27 59



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