Our Project Management Team for Exclusive Building Works (ECOP, initials in Spanish) is made up of a solid team of specialised technicians who continuously advise owners and tenants on all technical and construction aspects of their buildings.


We cover various geographical areas, and operate both in newly constructed Shopping Centres and in those which have been open for some time, offering the following services:


General: Initial visit to the retail properties.


Specific: Identification of possible problems, inspection of commercial premises, financial estimate of the work required. 


Pre-commercialisation Support Services.


Pre-commercialisation technical support focused according to the geographical location, constant attention, blueprint verification, review of the Technical Scope Statement, and estimate of replacement costs.


ECOP Services 


During the following phases:


  • Preliminary Phase: Verification and revision of the ECOP Manual, the project’s technical determining factors, alignment with the Scope Statement, legalisation procedures, technical and project documentation, general conditions of the retail units according to the Internal Rules and Regulations, identification of areas for storage of materials and rubble, working hours, list of requirements, etc.


  • Construction Phase: Monitoring of management conditions; monitoring of the exclusive building works; revision of project, work, health and safety documentation; coordination and analysis of requests for modifications; monitoring of adaptation of the approved project; commercial facilities; Technical and Safety Scope Statement; general support and advice to tenants, especially highlighting installation of the definitive energy supply.


  • Final Phase and deactivation: Final review of the construction and conditions with tenants, compilation of all documentation, inspection of the retail units before opening to detect any possible construction flaws and to record the current state. With regard to documentation, the writing and delivery of the handover and completion of services certification, presenting a dossier with details of the work carried out.










Av. de Burgos, 12, 12º

28036, Madrid, España



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