KM42 School

KM42 School


In 2010, the Km 42 school was already in operation, financed by the local NGO Help Without Frontiers, but hundreds of children in the surrounding area did not have access to education since the center needed more infrastructure.

The school did not have a kitchen which forced the students to bring their food from home, representing for some families a very big effort and that meant that some of them were left without lunch at noon. As a consequence, most children had a very precarious diet.


Expand the center with new buildings so that more students could access education.

Build a kitchen and provide it with food permanently so that children could be fed once a day. If these children couild eat at school the attendance percentage would increase considerably.

Build and adapt bedrooms so that some children could live in the school (boarding )

Hire new teachers and a head of the boarding center.


The Km 42 school is pure life. Upon accessing it, you can hear the children’s voices repeating the lesson in unison while the sounds of the cook preparing the food are heard.

400 children are currently enrolled and the school consists of 3 large buildings plus a nursery for the little ones, an orchard, a pig farm, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, showers, a playground with swings and a football and basketball field for playground.

12 teachers work in the school and once a week they meet to organize the week and to share their needs and proposals with Collabora Birmania and Help Without Frontiers.