Manuel Rodríguez Amblés


Our mission is to help our clients see substantial, lasting improvements in their results, through asset management.


Almar Consulting brings an innovative model to the provision of real estate services. Our exclusivity, closeness and professionalism mark the difference.


Our method of working is based on a system of multidisciplinary teams which follow the matrix structure as they carry out and monitor the projects and constructions. This enables us to combine the advantages of working in small groups with those of being integrated into a larger structure.


One hundred per cent of our work is dedicated to our clients, as we offer our experience and knowledge, and align our results with the achievement of their goals.



The recent changes in the real estate market, which in less than a decade has seen  the largest expansion followed by the most severe reduction in the business, have motivated us to make scalability one of the essential characteristics of the Almar Consulting business model. By scalability we mean the capacity to adapt our activity, structure and organisation to the present reality, in order to correctly gauge current possibilities. 


Our growth model is based on the following key aspects:


  • Client orientation, innovation, knowledge management.

  • Project-based management

  • The hiring of highly experienced, efficient professionals. 

  • Horizontal, lightweight organisation and structure.

  • Systems and technology that work in a modular way.


Juan Jesús Peláez Postigo


Av. de Burgos, 12, 12º

28036, Madrid, España



+34 91 737 27 59



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