Project Management

Almar Consulting places a professional team at your disposal, which exercises precise control over each phase of the project, making us our client’s main consultant, as we take on the roles of adviser, coordinator and supervisor. The final success of the project is thus ensured, fulfilling the objectives set.


Almar Consulting communicates with draughtsmen, constructors and other agents who intervene in the project, guaranteeing deadline, quality and cost objectives at all times. Our working methods prevent uncertainties, eliminate risks and optimise the project’s investment, deadline and quality.


Ideally, the Project Manager should join the project from the design phase, so as to assist in setting the objectives and the main concept of the project, and in selecting and hiring the teams which will work during this phase.


The writing up of the technical projects will be duly coordinated and supervised in order to guarantee compliance with the objectives set. 


Our professionals will organise and supervise the process of tender and the award of the work to the contractor, advising our client on all the relevant aspects.


While the developments are in progress, the Project Director will oversee the contractor’s work and will advise his Client on all relevant aspects, paying particular attention to the financial management and the progress made in the construction.


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