Project management

We oversee all the property development processes, counting on the vast experience of technical teams that have worked for both construction companies and real estate developers. 


Our vocation is to add value to the client’s project with our solvency, experience and technical capacities, offering our full project management services or carrying out the different parts of the project: previous tests, risk management decision-making process, planning, design, monitoring, implementation, completion and operation.



We cover these areas of the project’s different phases:


  • Call for proposals for design and planners, documents drafting and award reports. Studios recommendation.


  • Cost management. We calculate the estimated initial investment and hard and soft costs, providing cost control in every project phase, assistance and advice on bidding procedures, work monitoring and settlement calculation.


  • License, permission and authorization management.


  • Risk studies and decision-making.


  • Project analysis and reviews.


  • Time management. Project planning, regarding its various stages and aspects and setting a critical path and alternatives studies.


  • Recruitment analysis. Establishment of the general coordination and overlaps. Recommendation as the case may be.


  • Efficient management of the tender process. Documents preparation and sheets of particular technical conditions drafting, contractors’ selection, offers review and recommendation reports. Bidding control and works execution: price, term and quality.


  • Construction management. Compliance monitoring, management team’s tutelage and work review.


  • After-sale and/or deactivation management. In –depth reviews and as built documents and licenses preparation.




Our management of architectural projects are specifically tailored to the client’s needs. We control all aspects of the development of any building, providing solutions with a special focus on cost control and adaptation of the development to the current market situation.

Av. de Burgos, 12, 12º

28036, Madrid, España



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