Project Monitoring

Our Project Monitoring service is a tool that allows our clients to monitor the management of the projects they participate in and obtain trustworthy, timely information for effective decision-making. The purpose of monitoring a project is to oversee the activities of a third party and their collaborators during the various stages (construction, delivery or post-sale) to ensure that all parties have complied with the planned obligations and schedules.


Monitoring a project begins with an exhaustive study where the main risks of the development are detected, in order to deal with them from the beginning and apply corrective measures at the appropriate time. This allows the creation of a monitoring plan adapted to each project and client.



Through the Almar Consulting Project Monitoring services, thorough control of all the execution and cash flow of the project is possible. Supervision of all the construction and billing, payments, charges and action to be taken, gives our clients security in terms of the construction, the correct use of the project’s funds and observance of deadlines.


In order to reflect this monitoring, we begin with an initial report of the previous situation and publish monthly reports where the financial situation of the project is analysed and explained, with information on what happened during the previous month, the deadline situations, payment details and a summary of any incidents or risks.

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