Real Estate Secured Loans Management

Almar Consulting manages a broad spectrum of problematic assets, including: lands, industrial units, halted construction, dwellings and any other type of asset. We have established an ideal structure for the management of loans for real estate assets, with mortgage security. We are convinced that the key to the efficient management of loans is adequate knowledge of the guaranteed asset. We have experienced specialists who carry out the kind of analysis that will aid decision-making.


Monitoring includes active participation in the procedure, with proposals for action, as well as forecasts for recoveries that could be obtained from the managed processes.


Depending on the characteristics of each portfolio or loan being managed, the optimum working strategy should include the following functions:


Analysis of Asset and loan: our valuation and legal departments will analyse both the guaranteed asset and the loan situation, in order to establish the best negotiation and action strategies.


Negotiation and restructuring: a team of professionals with wide experience in banking take care of negotiations with debtors, and establish the ideal strategy for management of each asset.


Legal Management: in the case of initiation of a legal process, our legal team, with a large network of collaborators in all areas, will take charge of the entire legal process, which will allow us to direct and coordinate the work with internal and external resources.


Asset acquisition: in the case of acquisition of a guaranteed asset, our technical teams will guarantee appropriate integration of the assets and correct risk management.


Closure and financing: our asset management teams will seek and establish the best sales processes for each asset in such a way that the value sought by our client is maximised and the sale’s objectives are met.

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