Urban planning


Our land and planning services cover all the activities necessary for consultancy and representation of the property, encompassing land management in all the stages of its development from rural land to building plots, including, but not limited to, the following services:


  • Soil due diligence. Urban planning, analysis of the properties of land and plots.


  • Property Assistance during the process of preparation, submission and processing of paperwork related to urban planning and/or management, whether the initiative corresponds to the property or when submission corresponds to a third party.


  • Property Assistance in Compensation Boards, owners’ administrative associations or any other urban planning administrative entities the Property might become a part of during the urbanisation process, for any of the legally established land management systems.










  • Property Assistance and representation before the acting Administrative Board in planning, urban management, urbanisation or any other process that affects the lands under management.


  • Analysis of alternative options for the development of plots, including technical proposals for implantation and planning, with the corresponding economic viability and commercialisation studies.


  • Control and supervision of the implementation of works surrounding the urban development. Real Estate Project managed until its final acceptance.


  • Control and supervision of the correct management of urban development spill overs, carried out by the corresponding Urbanisation Entity.


  • Supervision of security, maintenance and, when required, demolition services. Economic planning of land development. Capex and opex evaluations. Land valuations. Valuation supervision. Drawing up of quotes.

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