Technical Building Inspection

The Technical Building Inspection, better known by its initials in Spanish, ITE, is a technical check which buildings must be submitted to after a certain time period.


The ITE is a type of preventative legal maintenance. The building is periodically subjected to revision of a series of elements that affect the safety of the building and the people who live in it. ITEs are regulated by the Royal Decree-law 8/2011, enacted on July1st, and by the various Town Bylaws that determine the conditions for the inspections.


Depending on local regulations, different elements of the building may be susceptible to review, in particular:


  • The foundations and structure. Façades and dividing walls. Watertightness and roofs. Facilities.


  • Other elements that affect public safety, health or public adornment.

The result of the inspection will be favourable when the building or construction meets all the following conditions:


  • Safety, so that there is no risk to people or property. In addition, the façades (interior, exterior, dividing walls) and any other elements whose condition might pose a risk to people’s safety (for instance, chimneys, false roofs, ledges, overhangs and decorative features or finishing elements) must be repaired.


  • Health, so that there is no threat to public health and hygiene. To this end, the necessary work must be done to ensure that water does not filter through the façade, roof or land, and the general plumbing and sanitary networks must be kept in good working order.


  • Public adornment and decoration, so that the façade of the buildings and constructions does not affect the urban image.



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