Our Mission

Our Mission

Through  asset managemente Almar  Consulting  helps its clients to obtain substantial and  lasting  results and revenues.

Almar Consulting differences itself by bringing an innovative model of real estate services, based on exclusivity, closeness and professionalism, that makes the difference.

Key points of our growth model:

  • Client orientation, innovation, in-depth knowledge and project management.
  • Highly experienced professional recruitment.
  • Versatile structure, capable of adapting to the client needs.
  • Systems and technology that are designed to work in a modular manner.

Code of Ethics


That the services we offer meet the expectations of each client, thus ensuring the long-term success of the company, not forgetting within our possibilities, the protection of the Environment and the safety of all people directly or indirectly related to our activities.

Code of Ethics

Almar Consulting does not accept that their shareholders, administrators or employees, or the shareholders, administrators, or employees of their clients or of the people who are the recipients of their work, influence in any way the good work of their activity to the detriment of good professional practice .

The principle of independence guarantees that the only interest of Almar Consulting is to advise its clients on the best solution according to their needs, defending in all cases the interests of the clients before the suppliers involved in the projects, perceiving for these services a fair consideration and without having any relationship with the possible suppliers that will carry out the works.

Almar Consulting will develop their activity within the terms of ethical competence, presenting clients with proposals for competitive and balanced services in terms of price/quality. Our commercial actions are developed in a scrupulous framework of free competition.

Thus, our administrators, employees and professionals who carry out collaborative activities with it, are subject to strict compliance with the duties of professional secrecy in accordance with the law, specifically:


  • They cannot disclose to third parties other than their authorized clients the information entrusted to them.
  • They must ensure the security and confidentiality of the information entrusted to them.
  • They cannot use for their own benefit the information they know as a result of the exercise of their activity.
  • Almar Consulting does not tolerate the transgression of these obligations whose potential breach would give rise to civil, criminal and labor responsibilities established by law.
  • Almar Consulting also does not accept that any new employee or professional will provide confidential information from their previous employer or contractual relationship.

Code of conduct

  • Criteria independence
  • Professional quality of work
  • Professional qualifications
  • Health and safety of people
  • Responsibility towards customers: Integrity, confidentiality and focus and quality of service