Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the market, to obtain maximum profitability for both the seller and the buyer.

Our experience in real estate development allows us to provide an objective and independent analysis of the profitability and expected cash flow in real estate projects, with current market criteria and based on the objective analysis of all project parameters.

We plan the right strategies for acquiring real estate assets in a proactive, innovative and flexible way. In the same way we manage them, we analyze the market, we look for opportunities, we negotiate directly with the owners, we obtain the appropriate financing and we implement value-added strategies.

We provide independence and objectivity, influencing the critical points of the process, but always as support of our client, getting involved in its resolution and focused on the success of each operation.

Due Diligence

Almar Consulting offers its clients advice on the current state and necessary investments of the real estate through its Due Diligence services.

Advice on the sale of portfolios

Almar Consulting offers financial institutions and investment funds their advice on the sale of portfolios of real estate assets, being its differentiating element both financial and real estate knowledge of the Spanish market.

Ratings and analysis

The valuation of real estate is fundamental for decision making, serving as a basis for investment analysis, value maximization, sales advice, and real estate asset management.

Real Estate Secured Loans Management

Almar Consulting manages a broad spectrum of problematic assets including: land, industrial buildings, stopped works, homes, and any type of asset. We have established an ideal management structure for the management of loans with mortgage guarantee of real estate assets.