Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Our land and urban planning services include all the activities necessary to advise and represent the property, from rustic land to building plots.

Due diligence, reports and evaluations

  • Land Due Diligence
  • Urban planning Due diligence of all types of real estate.
  • Urban reports.
  • Feasibility studies of urban development actions.
  • Economic planning of land development. Evaluation of capex and opex.
  • Land valuations. Valuation supervision.Due Diligence de suelos.

Urban Planning

  • Owner’s assistance in the process of drafting, processing and approval of urban planning instruments, both in areas whose initiative corresponds to the owners and in those in which being a participant, the formulation corresponds to third parties.
  • Preparation of allegations in the process of public information.
  • Technical-urban support in judicial procedures.

Urban management

  • Assistance to the owners in the drafting, processing and approval of land distribution Projects
  • Assistance to owners in compensation boards or other urban entities of which the owners could be part of during the urban execution process.
  • Assistance to owners and their representation before the acting administration in urban development.
  • Control and supervision of contingency expenditures of urbanisation expenses by the corresponding urban development entity.

Urbanization projects and Works

  • Supervision of Urbanisation Projects.
  • Control and supervision of the execution of the urbanisation works of the area in which the managed real estate project is included, until its final delivery