Sustainability and Innovation

Almar Consulting bets on sustainable architecture

Almar Consulting has a specific area dedicated to sustainability analysis and counselling, including the preparation of ESG reports (Environmental, Social and Governance) that develop good practices in environmental, social and corporate governance factors. This includes carbon footprint, emissions and transport analyses. Likewise, flooding conditions and climate impact are reviewed, including impacts due to compromised areas, drought, sea level rise, and other diverse factors.

In addition, we have 25 professionals associated with BREEAM® Spain certification, as well as certifiers in new construction and housing, with which we carry out pre-asset assessment services to analyse possible compliance with certification. We also manage and actively participate in buildings with other sustainable and wellbeing seals, such as: LEED®, WELL or VERDE.

Finally, we also have specialists in Energy Efficiency who analyse the conditions and energy label of the buildings, both on the envelope and on the installations and other aspects, calculating the efficient consumption, the measures to achieve them and the alternatives for savings and investment, as well as their return periods and their effect on the users of the building, all in a comprehensive manner.

Almar assesses in the monitoring of the projects that these measures are applied and thus provide effective solutions to improve the sustainability and efficiency of the buildings.

BREEAM® Certification

ALMAR CONSULTING has 27 professionals on its staff as Associates to the BREEAM® Spain certification

Carbon footprint

LEED® certification

Our professionals are qualified to ensure compliance with the LEED® certification and its different categories.