About us

About us

Almar Consulting was born in 2011 as a Technical Services company specialized in advising and technical management of any real estate asset with the aim that our clients optimize the value of their properties.

Since the beginning of our activity, professionals who accumulate a long and extensive experience in the real estate and construction sector have been incorporated. Its high degree of specialization provides us with a deep knowledge of the sector in which we work. We know the market, the agents that operate in it and the opportunities and main trends. All this provides us with a solid base of experience to be able to advise our clients.

We advise our clients in making decisions in all types of real estate operations, as well as in the comprehensive management of their portfolio of real estate assets regardless of their condition, geographical location and nature of their assets, whether individual or large portfolios.

Through the different lines of business (urban planning, project management, technical services, consultancy, facility management and sustainability) we cover all the technical management that an asset may need throughout its life.

Since its inception, Almar Consulting has been immersed in continuous growth both due to the permanent incorporation of new clients and the growth of our business lines.

On behalf of the 170 professionals that make up the company, thank you for your trust.