We take care of controlling all the processes of construction development, with the experience of technical teams that have worked in both construction and real estate developers.

In the different phases, we cover the areas of:

  • Establishment of ideas, design and design contests, document writing, and award report. Recommendation of studies.

Cost management. Carrying out the initial investment estimate, calculation of direct and indirect costs (hard and soft costs), cost control at the project stage, monitoring in the tender and monitoring during the work. Calculation and estimation of liquidation.

  • Management of licenses, permits and authorizations.
  • Risk study and decision making.
  • Analysis and reviews of projects.
  • Term management. Project planning and its different phases, establishment of the critical path and study of alternatives.
  • Study of contracting and lotting. Establishment of general coordination and interference. Recommendation according to each case.
  • Tender management, documentation preparation, drafting of specific technical conditions, selection of contractors, review of offers, negotiation and recommendation report. Control of the tender and execution of works: Price, term and quality.
  • Construction management. Monitoring compliance with the provisions of the project, guardianship of the technical contruction management, review of the works.
  • After sales management and/or deactivation. Detailed reviews, preparation of the final work documentation and licenses.

Project Management

We take care of controlling all the processes of construction development, with the experience of technical teams that have developed their career in residential, hotels and retail.

Construction Management

The director of the execution of the works, being part of the technical construction management, assumes the technical function of directing the material execution of the work and of controlling qualitatively and quantitatively the construction and quality of the building.

Execution of works

Almar Consulting makes available to their clients a Technical Architect with extensive experience that will assum the management of the execution works of the project.

Project Monitoring

Currently in Almar Consulting we have more than 30 interventions in Project Monitoring.


Almar Consulting is registered in the Registry of Authorized Companies with number 12/28/0098520, maintaining construction teams that allows us to act as construction contractors.